Americana Music From The Heartland

Background / beginnings:

Rick Leigh Music LLC was originally formed in 2014 as a collaborative effort to promote the career of singer-songwriter, Mark Croft. By that time, Croft had already proven himself to be a winner, with a full time career in writing, performing, and recording his original music. "I first saw and heard Mark playing a local club. I didn't particularly enjoy solo acts by singer-songwriters, but was immediately moved by the funky guitar work, big, confident baritone voice, and audience response to this guy on stage as I walked in the venue" says Rick Leigh.

Never looking back, the relationship was formed over a love of quality performances, great songwriting, and that funky guitar work of Mark Croft. We were not sure how to categorize Mark's music at first...but, listening closely, influences of blues, funk, soul, folk, New Orleans, rock, and other musical genres were all represented. This guy is steeped in American roots music of all kinds. Following a trip to Nashville for the Americana Music Conference, it became clear: this music is what we now call AMERICANA. It's based on historical  American grassroots / traditional forms, but not defined by any one of them.

To get deeper into this Americana brand, we began booking other Americana artists into a "listening room" venue in Madison, Wisconsin. We looked for the best acts we could secure from all over the country. Extensive interviews with these minstrel performers gave us some real insight and experience into a rather unique genre of talent. Often hard to define because they go outside of traditional genre lines, they are nevertheless bringing some of the best music America and the world has to offer.

Out of these experiences grew an increasing need to help promote this talent in every way we can. Sending Mark Croft and other great Midwest musicians to venues throughout the country is our purpose;  watching audiences have a great musical experience, our goal.

- Rick Leigh
Artist Management and Talent Booking